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Due le Quartz

Romaji Title: manji karame
Kanji Title: 卍搦め
English Title: Entwined In Swirls

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Miyavi 作詞・作曲:雅 ~みやび~

The mirror image of the swastika is called sauvastika, and is sometimes
associated with misfortune and bad luck. In Japan of the Middle Ages, the sauvastika was "manji", a sign for
great luck and protection against evil powers, although the "manji" I have
seen might have been misrepresented by copying the mirror image of the

The song was written how Japanese was traditionally written, with all words
that could not be used with kanji written in katakana. However, sometimes
the speech of robots is also used in this way.

Dest-roy... I'm ruler!

An "important thing" that should have come true blooms and dies along with the fields...

My disappearance from this world still continues to go on without incident
Seasons are even fading away after being in you, who I loved
My body is going to rot in this casket on its own
I'll check out the scenery from my coffin as if I were sucked into a foreign country

Dest-roy... You're doll!

Not enough "factoring exponents" isn't the fading of that person's color...

The name of the "victim" that was taken in last, alone,
In the corner of a back alley, was scratched out again, wasn't it?

A person in the middle of a crowd has worn out their life
Do they want to run away from here?
If you're "entwined in swirls", please struggle...
I'll give you the wings above me...

What's a truth?

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