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Ousugi Kumiko

Romaji Title: doraemon no uta
Kanji Title: ドラえもんのうた
English Title: Doraemon's Song

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Kusube Takumi
Music : Haba Susumu

This is, of course, the opening theme to the classic, and still popular children's anime, Doraemon. Though many different artists have performed this theme song over the long course of the Doraemon anime, Ousugi Kumiko was the first (from the show's beginnings in 1979, to 1992).

These kinds of things are great, it would be great to be able to do them
That kind of a dream, this kind of a dream, I have so many
But he makes all of them come true
He makes them come true with his mysterious pockets
I want to fly freely in the sky
"Alright! Here's a bamboo-copter"
Ah ah ah, I really love you, Doraemon

Homework, duties, tests, and errands
Those sorts of things and these sorts of things are all awful
But he helps me with all of them
He helps me with his convenient tools
A toy soldier
"Right here! Attack"
Ah ah ah, I really love you, Doraemon

Those sorts of places are great, it would be great to go to them
Those country, that island, there are so many
But he lets me go to all of them
He lets me do it with his futuristic gadgets
I want to go on a trip around the world
"Ha ha ha! Here's a door that takes you anywhere"
Ah ah ah, I really love you, Doraemon
Ah ah ah, I really love you, Doraemon

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