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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: NOT FOUND
Kanji Title: NOT FOUND
English Title: NOT FOUND

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Lyrics & Music : Sakurai Kazutoshi

I unconsciously rely on things I can't see, and then run away from them
You whine that you want me to show them to you in some form, right now

The many contradictions confirm righteousness
To love is a very deep thing

Ah, how far do we go to understand
These emotions and agonies that can't be expressed in songs and poems?
I want to touch you, following the pain is impatience
Then oppressiveness, then a smile, then a smile

I want you to deceive me with a wonderful lie called love

The person that I thought that I was shows a different face
Hey, I wonder if that's because of you?

How long will it take before I'll forget
This regret and hatred toward how I was in the past?
I want to touch you, above your delicate chest
Sing that uncertain lullaby one more time, one more time

Today too, I try to jump to
The place that I was hoping to find yesterday
But for some reason it's not found, today it's not found

Rising and falling like a jet coaster

Ah, how far will it be until I arrive at
These hopes and despairs that are piled up before my eyes?
I want to touch you, following the pain is impatience
Then oppressiveness, then a smile
Smile, smile one more time

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