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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: Sign
Kanji Title: Sign
English Title: Sign

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kazutoshi Sakurai
作詞・作曲:Kazutoshi Sakurai

This was the theme song to the drama "Orange Days".

It would be nice if this reached you
You don't know it, but
Right now I'm playing
Like how a flower that was wilted as a bud won't grow
Putting two notes together makes a harmony

Repeating "thank you" and "I'm sorry" over and over
We place our longing for others atop one another, like building blocks

When I thought about how I loved the boring times
I laughed a little and said "it was an act of love"
The behavior that you show me is a sign directed at me
I won't overlook even a single thing again
That's what I'm thinking

Sometimes we dirty each other with indifferent words
And we get tired of each other's inexperience
But one day we'll undress, and feel each other's sweet body heat
And we'll show each other kindness

We're similar, but somehow different; but we have the same scent
I love you, and not just with body or heart

Even there is even the smallest light in our hearts
We swore to treasure it
The sign that is sent to us from everything
That we came across
We won't overlook even a single thing again
Let's life our lives that way

The light coming through the trees on the green path hits you, and wavers
I'll know the beauty and the harshness of time

We still have some time left
So I laughed a little bit and said
We've gotta treasure it
The behavior that you show me
Is a sign to make me strong
I won't overlook even a single thing again
I'm going to live my life that way
That's what I'm thinking

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