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Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi

Romaji Title: JEEP
Kanji Title: JEEP
English Title: JEEP

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi

Changing into my work boots, and throwing on a red jumper
I head west on the coast highway, before dawn
Tokyo is far behind my back
People are far behind my back
Ahead of me, the only thing is the wind blowing
From beyind the front glass of the windshield, the sun has risen
The only song that I can sing plays on the car stereo
When I take a deep breath, and let it out
I began to smile at all the disturbances up until yesterday

Oh my jeep, my sadness was unbearable
Oh my jeep, I'm not sure that I was loved by anyone
Oh my jeep, my nights were filled with anxiety
Oh my jeep, Right now, I'm going to see the ocean
Driving with my jeep, driving with my jeep
Driving with my jeep, with my jeep

The ocean was shining, a stray dog ran across the sandy beach
Boats were always moving slowly, in the distance
The kids, in their wet suits, played with rotted driftwood
I'd been wanting to drink some coffee a little too much
I stopped my jeep at a drive-in, in the off season
As I drank my coffee, I lit up a cigarette, after I had quit smoking
When I looked out of the window glass, at the waves washing up on shore
I tried to believe in myself one more time

Oh my jeep, I'm going to try and forgive myself
Oh my jeep, I'm going to love her
Oh my jeep, the sun has risen high
Oh my jeep, I drove in my jeep, with the top off
Driving with my jeep, driving with my jeep
Driving with my jeep, with my jeep

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