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The Yellow Monkey

Romaji Title: Pearl
Kanji Title: パール
English Title: Pearl

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Yoshii Kazuya

In space, it's especially dark before the dawn
I fly down the highway that has pearls spilled onto it
I'm a little bit anxious, and pretty terribly lonely
The darkness is a shell that engulfs loneliness

Before I melt into the dazzling morning

I sowed my seeds in the garden of love
But even though the rain falls, the flowers still aren't blooming...
I'm trash, and I have no confidence
But the freedom that I'm lamenting about in poverty, is right here

Before I'm swallowed by the dazzling morning

The highway is just a normal highway
It's a hazy sight
Will the highway take me across the border soon?

Night, don't give in; don't give in to the morning
I still haven't gotten an answer

The dazzling morning is alight in the colors of the rainbow
I dissolve away, covered in pearls

You couldn't say it again
And again, the night ran away

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