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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: shirushi
Kanji Title: しるし
English Title: Proof

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Sakurai Kazutoshi

We are listening to each other's pulse's, going at different tempos
As if things were decided to be this way from the start
No matter what words I choose, it seems like I'm lying somehow
I crumple up the letter that I wrote with the left side of my brain, and throw it away

I wonder if the voice of my heart will reach you?
Riding on a silent song...

Darling, darling, I've looked at you from all different angles
Each one of them wonderful, I realize what love is now
Now, with delicate nuances, you're trying to show me
That for you, "uncertainty = defense against getting hurt"

Someone made fun of our picture, saying "your faces both look the same"
Do we look alike? Or have we just begun to?
We faced each other so seriously that you could think of it as being tiresome
So much that it makes me envious of the rash person that I was

No one can hear the voice of my heart
That's fine, it's better that way

Darling, darling, I know that you have many different faces
No matter what I do to pass the time, I remember, and it hurts
I'm filled with my vivid memories, little by little
Instead of the many holidays that are filled in on my calendar

Laughing and crying, my feelings are unstable
But that is proof of you and I

Darling, darling, I've looked at you from all different angles
When the day that we can't live together anymore comes, I think that I'll still love you then
Darling, darling, oh my darling
I'm filled with vivid and crazy memories
Darling, darling

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