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Suga Shikao

Romaji Title: sanagi
Kanji Title: サナギ
English Title: Chrysalis

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Suga Shikao

This song was used as the ending song to xxxHolic The Movie.

Just like the body's thin mucous membrane is sticky to the touch
Your thick fingers were chilly, though I didn't not like that
But whenever you would come around, you would only spout off lies
Yet you thought that I was a fool from the beginning...

I didn't think that this day would come
But I feel worry about you being there, where you are

You weren't around, so my body dried up and turned the color of a chrysalis, forever
In a room that was cold from the winter, I'm reborn; I'm like a beautiful butterfly
Those wings that are already wet, and don't seem of any use to anyone
Open little by little, and I have dreams of flying in the sky...

If that day were to suddenly come
Where should I fly off to with those wings?

I've forgotten your name, just as though you were a nameless piece of livestock
And instead of remembering it and crying, you disappear

I wonder if that day will come one day?
I wonder if I can forgive you for the days we were together?
I wonder if that day will come one day?
One of these days, wonderful days will come...

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