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Romaji Title: Honky Tonky Crazy
Kanji Title: ホンキー・トンキー・クレイジー
English Title: Honky Tonky Crazy

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : BOOWY

Honky tony crazy, I love you

Stay! Let's stay out of the moon light
When I chew up a little bit of aspirin
I'm more obscene than usual
That wet lipped boogie woogie
Coming from the car-radio
We're reclining in a small space, but it's just the two of us

Stay! I wrote my name on the foggy glass with my finger
And it disappeared right away
This is the first time I've felt these kind of feelings
Just a little while longer, until the fog on the window clears up
Gently, I'm still holding you now
Gently, I'll protect you

Honky tony crazy, I love you
Honky tony crazy, I love you
First off, once more, kiss me
I forgot another, my love
Only just you baby!

Stay with me here
Please, alright! Little darling!
Honky tony crazy, I love you
Honky tony crazy, I love you

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