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Romaji Title: Labyrinth
Kanji Title: Labyrinth
English Title: Labyrinth

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Houno Arika
Music & Arrangement : Katakura Mikiya
作 詞:宝野アリカ
作曲・編 曲:片倉三起也

This was the ending theme to the anime "Saint Luminous Mission High School".

Flyin' to my dream
Show me quickly that I'm not alone, with your heart
Keep on calling out to me

In the very middle of a labyrinth called "freedom"
I'm crouched and holding my knees as I am lost

When I look into the wall of mirrors
Who does my spirit ask questions of?

Flyin' to my dream
No matter how many frozen nights are broken, the future is in sight
Labyrinth of my heart
What is beyond these continually repeating doors?
Take me along with you

Inside of a deep forest called "love"
I am hurt many times, I'm searching for you

I believed in a girl's dreams
The miracle of meeting, some day that stars will show me

Flyin' to your love
Show me quickly that I'm not alone, with your heart
Labyrinth of my heart
When the light I can't yet see fills up the crack in my heart
It will seem like I'm being reborn

Flyin' to my dream
I will flap my invisible wings in any wind
Labyrinth of my heart
No matter what is beyond these continually repeating doors
Always continue to call out
Take me along with you

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