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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: yasashii uta
Kanji Title: 優しい歌
English Title: Gentle Song

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Someone is offering a helping hand to you
And now, you take no notice of it at all

I wonder if we, who are in a bad mood
Can confront the monster that has settled down in the caves within our hearts?

Fleeting wishes seem to disappear in a puff
Swallowing what I'm saying mid sentence, I get embarrassed

Song of the soul, behind the smoldering embarrassment
I've hidden away the voice of a prisoner of conscience

Even if I repeat an endless soliloquy over and over
In the end, I can only be me

No matter where I roll along to, I'm me, after all
After I tie my sneakers, I'll get going

I remember the vow I made on that day, that I so easily lied down in defeat
Impatient, I cry out without thinking about it

Song of regret, now, I swear revenge
On that naive man in the mirror

Standing in the crowd, I look up to the sky
Realizing what's important to me, I go mad

Gentle song, I forgot about you
A song for someone to be filled up with the joy of loving
Like feeding a small flame

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