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Hosokawa Takashi

Romaji Title: naniwa bushi da yo jinsei wa
Kanji Title: 浪花節だよ人生は
English Title: Life is a Naniwa Bushi

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Fujita Masato
Music : Shikata Akito

A Naniwa bushi was a kind of sung narrative that was popular during the Edo period.

I was told to drink, and so I obeyed
With arms around my shoulders, I was in the mood
Our foolish meeting was cleverly disguised
Even though I've had a few before, I was taken at first sight
A woman's, a woman's life is a Naniwa Bushi

Someone tells you lies
And someone finds love
If you turn around to look at that same someone
There will be a woman who has disappeared, alone
A woman's, a woman's life is a Naniwa Bushi

I've bloomed, I've withered, I've been cast aside
Meetings, partings, I've given up on it all
As I grasp ahold of people's compassions
I die in the branches of the broken ones
A woman's, a woman's life is a Naniwa Bushi

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