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Romaji Title: Peruna
Kanji Title: Peruna
English Title: Peruna

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Akeboshi & Bun Once
Music : Akeboshi
作詞:Akeboshi・Bun Once

As a baby toy with worn out screws makes noise, I walk
As a ferris wheel with no one on it, makes a terrible noise
The light of the ridiculously large moon juts out into the street
I can only think that I fail again today, this is the beginning

The flock of birds that continue to fly across the reclaimed frozen lake
In the sky with no place to return to, never a place to return to
What are they thinking?

I'll never abandon you
Even though we live in a world that we've grown used to, though we still scramble

The burning smell of an engine, shadows cast on the asphalt
I've never thought about the meaning of dying
Tangled around a fence, a nude tramp shaking in the wind
I'll probably forget about him tomorrow, abandoning an entire day

The trees in the city that have been cut down, reach out into the sky
Tell me, right now, what is a person supposed to do?

I won't leave you,
Though we live an overly superficial era, that we all believe in

At last, the morning light courses through the city
I, who float in the dazzling ocean, become a jellyfish
I want to keep having the power to deny
The gentleness that we have grown used to, and the hopelessness of the mood

Hey, just what are we searching for?
Escaping from feeling out each other's real intentions
I throw down my hollow body into bed
Knocking down buoyant dreams over and over again
We are searching for love

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