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ikimono gakari

Romaji Title: momen no handkerchief
Kanji Title: 木綿のハンカチーフ
English Title: A Cotton Handkerchief

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Matsumoto Takashi
Music : Tsutsumi Kyouhei

My love, I'm leaving on a journey
On a train heading east
In a brilliant city
I plan to search, search
For a present for you

No dear, you see
There is nothing that I want
Just don't be tainted by the colors of the city
And come home
Don't be tainted, and come home

My love, half a year has passed
Don't cry because we can't see one another
I'll send you back a ring that's in fashion in the city
It should look good on you

No, the diamonds of the stars
And the pearls that sleep in the ocean
Certainly they shouldn't sparkle as much
As your kiss
Certainly they shouldn't sparkle as much

My love, even now you
Can't wear lipstick with a smile?
It looks like I mad a mistake
Take a look at this picture
Of me wearing a suit, take a look

No, I lie down in the grass
I loved you
But with the cold wind blowing through those buildings inthe city
Take care of yourself
Take care of yourself

My love, I've forgotten about you
Forgive me, who has changed
The me who happily passes by the street corner every day
Can't come home

Dear, in the end, you were selfish
I'm going to ask you for my present
So that I can wipe my tears away
Please send me a cotton handkerchief
Please send me a cotton handkerchief

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