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Southern All Stars

English Title: HOTEL PACIFIC

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Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke

"Ebon Rock" or "ebon iwa", is a term that Kuwata Keisuke himself invented, describing Chigasaki.

The glaring sun
Falls into a corner of the era
And on a rusted beach highway
Even now, a sephia colored illusion wavers

At the time when the wet allure of August
Had soaked into bathing suits
On a pier in Enoshima
The fireworks of love floated in the air, and disappeared

Like a heat haze burning in the wind
The image of the sky and sea

My heart pounds at the sight of
Sun-tanned skin
The summer sun, ah, bursts into flames, to me
Love...Today too, will it return
And gather itself up on the beach, I wonder?
I kissed on the sand
The midsummer Pacific Hotel

When a dazzling passion colors
The red setting sun, instead of the sea
In the motels all around Chigasaki
Summer has come to an end, with tears

Like an old castle, sleeping in a forest
Dreams are far away mirages

Farewell, stage of my youth
My heart aches
Even so, the sun won't be coming back, to me
Why is it...that my throat is dry
Like a desert?
As I search for Ebon Rock
The shadows are stifled by the night fog

Ahh, My heart pounds at... the sight of
Your sun-tanned skin
The summer sun, ah, bursts into flames, to me glass
Isn't fate tragic?
I kissed on the sand
The midsummer Pacific Hotel
Even now, I haven't forgotten, woh, oh oh...
The tearful Pacific Hotel

So I love you...

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