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Dokusatsu Terrorist

Romaji Title: risuto kattaa shindoroomu
Kanji Title: リストカッターシンドローム
English Title: Wrist Cutter Syndrome

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Ichirou
Music : Akubi

I call myself "insane"
I call myself "retarded"
I cut my wrist many times without dying
"Lookie here, I'm pathetic"

"I wanna die" is my favorite phrase
The truth is, I don't really feel like dying
I cut my wrist many times without dying
I brag about my wrist on my web page

Don't say that I'm a "painful kid"
I'm born in delusions
My name is "Alice"
(Actually it's Nobuko)
Don't say that I'm "insane"
Everything in this world is my enemy!
But really, I want people that are too busy for me...

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