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Romaji Title: saishuu ressha
Kanji Title: 最終列車
English Title: Last Train

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Tatsurou
Music : Miya

We walked along, as if avoiding
The choking afternoon sun
We slipped into a crowd at an intersection
You grab ahold of my sleeve so you don't get lost
We were exact opposites
And were attracted to one another like magnets
And before I knew it, I'd become worthless
Just by depending upon you

Ah, the wind changes color
Amidst the changing seasons
Because I have lost something

The last train races through the night sky
Carrying only a single small bag
I got onboard
Goodbye, goodbye
The last train makes its way through the stars
Through the streets where you sleep
It's taking me far away

Ah, I travel for a long time
I've become a lost child
Well, let's slip out
Even though our exits are certainly different

The last train comes out of the city, and toward the curtain of night
I look out on the streets that I've left behind
My heart cried out in agony
Did we, did we
Make a mistake somewhere?
We met one another
So that we could both get hurt

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