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Hamasaki Ayumi

Romaji Title: Pride
Kanji Title: Pride
English Title: Pride

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : ayumi hamasaki
作詞:ayumi hamasaki

"Your freedom is too bright"
To the girl who said that
"Even though you can't find even the meaning of life?"
Is what I answered

People demand only the things that can't be done
If we were living things
Ah, then what is it that we would really want?

And then the girl
Does nothing but struggle in the end
When I realized that I was filling up with emptiness
I made a new discovery

We're always dreaming
And because of that, we open the door to tomorrow
Ah, even though I know that
There are certainly no living things in this world

It must exist
In a place that we haven't seen before
A flower that waits for us
Grows accustomed
To losing interest
So we'll accelerate
Before that happens

Ah, even if that is the end of the world
And even if someone laughs and says it's futile
Let's go on together, instead of giving up
Because there is nothing to be scared of

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