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Romaji Title: LET'S DANCE
Kanji Title: LET'S DANCE
English Title: LET'S DANCE

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Kiyoharu
Music : Hitoki

Behaving again like an inexperienced and sexless coquettish
I can see your hip line, holding back your sexual desire
At any rate, you'll wear down after having reached your peak

So give it all you've got, when you change your clothes in front of me

Turning completely into a movie star, tonight our hips entwine my darlin'

Sparkling spangle is more erotic than being nude
Get topless just for a little bit, and shake your breasts around

No one can immitate many sexy and love, with the tension of a cult star

Let's dance; dance with me like a bitch, in a place where you'll worry about people staring
Let's dance; I'm not perplexed, it doesn't matter if I'm crazy, I'll do it over and over again

Let's dance; take a good look, even if you stop it with your soaked hands, it still overflows

Even though I have no bad intentions, you're addicted to it

It's on par with a porno show, putting on a feather boa
You refuse normal play, tonight you want me to rape you

Let's dance; it was just like I thought, next, drink your medicine up and dance
Let's dance; I can give you a different kind of kiss, it's so good you'll die, and then I'll keep fucking you

Let's dance; dance with me like a bitch, people are watching you get wet
Let's dance; I love you, who are in agony; I want to drive you crazy, and I'll do it over and over again

Let's dance

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