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Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi

Romaji Title: sugao
Kanji Title: 素顔
English Title: Real Face

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi

Is there anyone who's more manly than Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi, seriusly? It takes a guy pretty secure guy to write and sing a song from a woman's perspective, even if it's only for some of the song!

When the face of the night is reflected in a mirror, it's kind of a sad face
By just pretending to be strong, you can't be honest, it's kind of a sad face
What about me do you like, when I'm like this?
Why are you so kind to me?
It's because I just look so pathetic
Or because you think of me as being nostalgic to you
If this is a whim of yours, just stop it
Because it looks like I'm really growing to love you
I want to be beautiful, standing on front of you
I want to be a beautiful woman
You don't like a lot of makeup, but right now
I'm not how I used to be

"I've always lied to you!"
That's what you always say, but
That isn't betrayl after all
I don't blame myself for what's happened thus far
Your real face was beautiful
Back then, I gave you a hand mirror
So that you wouldn't hide your past beneath makeup
It's alright to show your real heart
Don't misunderstand me, I want you to listen to this
The things that you've done up until now
Were shown to you in the palm of the hand of time
I gave you all of my love
So take off your makeup, and let down your hair
And quietly go to sleep, just like that

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