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Romaji Title: anata ga ita mori
Kanji Title: あなたがいた森
English Title: The Forest That You Were In

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Manami Watanabe
Music : Yoshiaki Dewa
Arrangement : Yoshiaki Dewa and Zentaro Watanabe
作詞 : Manami Watanabe
作曲 : Yoshiaki Dewa
編曲 : Yoshiaki Dewa・Zentaro Watanabe

This was the ending theme to the anime "Fate/Stay Night".

I love the faint smell of being inside of the deep, deep forest
When searching for traces of those days, you smile

I want to touch it; when I reached out my hand, it danced fleeting in the sky

I want to see you, I always want to see you, I always feel that way
Crossing over sleepless nights
Enveloped in the light and shadows that you've left behind, I cry

Useless me is burned by the setting evening sun
Barefoot, I step on the wreckage of love, embued with red

I raised my hand to try and touch it, and I heard your voice

"I love you." Now it won't reach you, the song is swept away by the wind
It has disapepared somewhere far away
Even though the hour glass trys to fly high into the sky, the sound of that day won't be heard at all

The scenery that I can't touch again
Begins to flow by

"It won't disappear" The air has grown thick with accumulated memories, your hand, and your hair
The light and shadows that you've left behind are too great.

In the deep, deep forest...

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