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Romaji Title: kimi wa kimi da yo
Kanji Title: 君は君だよ
English Title: You're You

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Okura Megumi
Music : Tanimoto Arata

I walk in the twilight at a quick pace
I walk, closing in the distance from being behind you
Your back quietly says "don't comfort me"
So I too begin to talk, without words

You're you, so you don't need to live
By someone else's wishes
You're you, always look straight ahead
At waht it is that you want to do

I'm so hurt, that it's like I'm going to pieces
I'm holding out, just short of becoming useless
The truth is that we
Don't live for a very long time
There are a lot of different ways
To live your life

You're you, so you don't need to
Immitate anything about anyone
You're you, and in your heart, you've made a decision
When it comes to tomorrow, that's the truth

One by one, crying and laughing
We're walking through the same period in time
Though we shake ourselves off, and we don't give in
I believe that we both understand

You're you, so that means that
You are an irreplaceable person to me
You're you, so I could never
Replace you with anyone else

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