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Dir en Grey

Romaji Title: karasu
Kanji Title: 鴉 -karasu-
English Title: Raven

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics/Kyo Music/Kaoru 詩/京 曲/薫

First of all I would like to note that since this song is from Dir en Grey's "Kisou" album, lyrics were included with the CD already translated into English. I did not copy this translation. This is my interpretation, in my own words. Congenital eczema is a skin disease. That being said, this is one sick song! And
even though Kyo is quite the lyricist, his grammar isn't very good at all.

"kigurumi" does refer to a suit, but more a mascot suit. Think of a bunny suit, or a Mickey Mouse suit, etc. "hikarabite" does not appear to be any form of an existing verb, so I just translated that line as best I could without it.

Tonight it's drizzling, is this a tear filled and exciting drama?
When the sun shines, a new day full of numbness germinates

Beautiful shooting fireworks, my sister that is substituting for my mother
Decomposing with Linda who can't read numbers, congenital eczema

Inside one of my mother's suits that was forgotten to be destroyed
Madam dried up like shit from a pig pen, splendid

Death Education

Sarcasm One Sided And Rush End Core

I was never good enough; before I was born, in the fetus I was garbage
When I was in kindegarten, I slid open the door and liked seeing my parents having sex
Now, for the crime of raping my sister, I'm living garbage in Cell 6
Even now, every day and every night I get it up all I can!

"My substitue mother madam" "My sister Linda"

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