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Dir en Grey

Romaji Title: tsumi to batsu/mitsu to tsuba
Kanji Title: 蜜と唾
English Title: Crime And Punishment/honey And Saliva

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics - Kyo
Music - Kaoru
詩 - 京
曲 - 薫

The song title if read at face value is "mitsu to tsuba" (honey and saliva), but if read backward it's "tsumi to batsu" (crime and punishment). It is often called "Tsumi to Batsu" by Dir en Grey fans, so I included both versions of the title. I have a feeling Kyo meant it that way. Kyo wrotes "okashi" in a very particular way. He means it as in the verb "okasu" (to rape), but he writes it as "okashi" (pastry). Probably to get it by the censors.

I believe that when Kyo says "mad yet kool" he's probably referring to some sort of drugs. Also, I have no idea what "Q + II" means. So if anyone has any clue, please do email us.

This is still my favourite Dir en Grey song, even with the translation...

秒刻み 打ち込んで 耳元を 舐めたなら 落とせ

ほらもっと求めて早く ソレを銜えたなら早く
ほら毒を零さず舐めて 毒を零したなら。。。。

show ・ lie ・ mad ・ sexual
1 ・ sad ・ sexually ・ 2 ・ sad ・ sexually

ほらもっと叫んで早く 瞳開いてミロ早く

Q+II の君を舐め尽したなら

種を植え 取り出した 涙ぐむ 赤い口 を貸せ

ほらもっと叫んで早く 瞳開いてミロ早く
ほら見れば見る程溢れ 甘い甘い蜜を流せ

kissless keptの頭部に
mad yet koolを今日も飲み干したならまた君を「お菓子」始め

可愛い口 可愛い胸
可愛い声 可愛い顔
可愛いアレ 可愛いソレ
いびつなアレ 舐め尽くしなさい

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