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Dir en Grey

Romaji Title: tsumi to batsu/mitsu to tsuba
Kanji Title: 蜜と唾
English Title: Crime And Punishment/honey And Saliva

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics - Kyo
Music - Kaoru
詩 - 京
曲 - 薫

The song title if read at face value is "mitsu to tsuba" (honey and saliva), but if read backward it's "tsumi to batsu" (crime and punishment). It is often called "Tsumi to Batsu" by Dir en Grey fans, so I included both versions of the title. I have a feeling Kyo meant it that way. Kyo wrotes "okashi" in a very particular way. He means it as in the verb "okasu" (to rape), but he writes it as "okashi" (pastry). Probably to get it by the censors.

I believe that when Kyo says "mad yet kool" he's probably referring to some sort of drugs. Also, I have no idea what "Q + II" means. So if anyone has any clue, please do email us.

This is still my favourite Dir en Grey song, even with the translation...

Second by second, driving it in, if I lick your ear, drop

Hey, hurry up and beg for more, when I put that in my mouth
Hey, quickly lick up the poison without spilling any; if you spill any....

Show, lie, mad, sexual
1, sad sexually, 2, sad sexually

Hey, hurry up and scream some more, hurry up and try to
Open your eyes

December 24th, and you're alone in my trap
If I lick you who are Q+II
Should I try to break your body?

Planting my seed, I take it out; you're in tears, give me
Your red mouth

Hey, hurry up and scream some more, hurry up and
Try to open your eyes
Hey, the more I look the more it flows over;
Flow sweet sweet honey

From now on I'll keep raping you forever
On your kissless kept head
If I drink more mad yet kool today, I'll start to rape you again

Your pretty mouth, your pretty breasts
Your pretty voice, your pretty face
That's cute there, and that's cute there
That slimy, sticky, muddy oval shaped thing
Lick it
Then put it in yourself

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