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Romaji Title: nami kaze satellite
Kanji Title: 波風サテライト
English Title: A Troubled Satellite

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nishimura Shinya
作詞・作曲: 西村晋弥

As though gathering up the crowded out wind
Following along with the waves, racing into the distance
I'm deciding to be resolute, even though the road is far away
I'm continuing on to the future that I've sketched out
To you, who are far away from here
I want to send a piece of it, and the wind from those days, to you
I'm not lonely, you'll always be here
The wind connects us, no matter where we go
Time urges us along
The speed of my pulse increased
Even though we were awake within our dreams
We were searching for the same light
Beneath the shining starry sky
The uncountable number of constellations and shadows
Follow the sleepless nights
I search for a faint echo of it

Even though the meetings and partings repeat themselves now
I'm still this much of a child
I can't cast the fleeting image
Over to the roadside

The next time that I see you
I'll untangle the tangled threads
I'll talk until I get tired
And I'll smile as much as I can
Slipping away into the brilliant streets
The morning sun colors my cheeks
Ahead, what are you gazing at
Just what are you gazing at, I wonder?
Just what are you gazing at, I wonder?
Time continues to fly by
The wind connects us together
I'm not lonely, even now you're here
No matter where we go, the wind will...

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