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Hamasaki Ayumi

Romaji Title: monochrome
Kanji Title: monochrome
English Title: monochrome

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Hamasaki Ayumi
Music : DAI

I don't if I had those kind of things
From the beginning
They're fun, and sad
And the story is a kind one

I don't know if I had
Dreams or Visions
I think that it's been a long time
Since I've slept

In this season that I smell
The scent of summer in the blue sky
I remember your face

The scenery on the streets began to distort
I searched for my sunglasses
So that everything would lose it's color

When it comes to things that I wanted to be
One of them wasn't a princess
When it comes to things that I wanted
One of them wasn't glass slippers

The thing that I wanted to be
Was a version of me that had you with me
The thing that I wanted
Was your face really smiling

The wind cut through the sky today
Along with the scent of summer
I nodded my okay
If the two of us talking with one another
Was fate
Then we'll meet again somewhere...

I nodded my okay
Because I'm pretty strong

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