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Orange Range

Romaji Title: Champione
Kanji Title: チャンピオーネ
English Title: Champione

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : ORANGE RANGE

This was the theme song to the NHK broadcast of the German Soccer Championships in 2006.

Try controlling a big wave
It's a good feeling, ride on time
Mess stuff up, jump up
Change into a wild beast, dance dance
Survival, a dangerous bibal
My pulse rages, I spit fighting spirit
It's a vague thing, when you grab onto it
Seethe and jump

I've thoguht about it, I've stomped and kicked
In the end I feel disappointed
I don't really understand it myself
It's not enough, "something" is refreshing
But if you take a good look, you'll see that
Eeryone is depicted from sadness
Even a little dream is a success

Hey! Ready! Set! Go!
Be gaudy! Get crazy during the chorus
Pop open your body & soul
Get hotter than the sun
Hey! Ready! Set! Go!
Follow the racing clouds! Full throttle
Kick the ground
Pierce through the sky with your smile
A self-absorbed person
We got it! Cruising!
It feels pretty good

Clap your hands to the sound
Kick away those negative words
Run swiftly, hey girl! Ran ran ran
Let your energy out! Scream it out!
Sleep, OK! Bring some breakfast
Alright, now go at full speed
Is being alone okay?
Now it's not! Whatever it is, we're together
The feeling is VIP, do it
Oh, be careful to get too crazy
Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen
Keep on going until you reach the top
Let's go on!
Open up, let's get going
Let's go on!
No, no, no, don't worry
Let's go on! I can jump, I can jump
Starting now, I can see it!

Hey! Ready! Set! Go!
Be gaudy! Get crazy during the chorus
Pop open your body & soul
Sound out loud now
Hey! Ready! Set! Go!
Rage! Don't sleep for your entire life
Dance the time away, yes!
Boogie night, nominated like in the Grammys
A person open every day of the year, we do it! Here we go!
Cruising! It feels pretty good

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