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Bump Of Chicken

Romaji Title: totteoki no uta
Kanji Title: とっておきの唄
English Title: My Favorite Song

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujiwara Motou

It's alright if it's little by little, you'll make us into a couple that can truly laugh and cry

Let's make the album heavier, little by little; let's make even the unimportant days into an anniversary
No matter how much we flip through it, there's no end; our album continues on
That magic album

Where should we go from here? A quiet place, or a bustling place
Anywhere would be good, if you were to be yourself
At each of our respective places, then those places surely
Would be places not on any map, hand-in-hand
With an instant camera in hand
I pick a flower, and I truly think "is this a flower that suits you?", and tilt my neck

A simple song for a simple me; a song for the important people
There are so many love songs, but it would be nice if this one could be special for us
It's great that there are so many songs

I'm so weak, that everyone can see it; I'm much more of a crybaby then I'd thought I was
I definitely won't let you say "I'll be fine alone"; I'll take you along against your will, and you won't like it

To a place that isn't on any map, hand-in-hand; taking along the dog that's so special to you
I've remembered a little bit of the song that I sometimes hum to myself, so let yourself sing a little bit of it with me
Oh year!

A small bird signals the dawn with a song, taking the rhythm in his favorite voice
I've realized that even the unimportant days contain small dramas
A simple song for a simple me; song to stop the tears
I want you to remember the nights full of anxiety
I'm going to live this day with certainty; I'm going to live on this day, finding you
This unimportant day will be an anniversary
So we're off to a place that isn't on any map, no matter how big
Hand in hand, continuing on with our magic album

Don't forget about the nights full of anxiety, there is a song for you
To a place that isn't on any map, hand-in-hand, hand-in-hand
It's alright if it's little by little; It looks as though you're taking me to a place
Where we can truly laugh and cry, that isn't on any map


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