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Daigo Stardust

Romaji Title: Daisy
Kanji Title: デイジー
English Title: Daisy

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : DAIGO 作詞・作曲: DAIGO

The old album that the pictures you took are in
I found it in the corner of my room
I'm chased by the tumult that is reality
The past that I had forgotten is ressurected

Everything was shining back then
And I wasn't scared of anything

I had wished to bloom a big flower
More beautiful than anyone
In the days when I was younger
That was everything in the world to me

Are you doing well somewhere?
Are you passing the time happily with someone?
You always watched gently over
My accounts of my dreams with mere words

Your smile was a little sad
I didn't notice it at that time

The white daisy that you handed to me
Who was just stumbling
In my half withered heart
I've made "hope" bloom

There was no substitute for
Those mundane days
Now I understand those important things
Happiness doesn't have only one form

And in me
A new bud of love swells
So my memories with you
Again come to a close
Someday, with someone
I'll show them that I'll make bloom
The small flower of hope
That you gave to me


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