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Hamasaki Ayumi

Romaji Title: Fly high
Kanji Title: Fly high
English Title: Fly high

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Hamasaki Ayumi
Music : DAI

I could never leave
Because there was scenery that I'd gotten used to

Even when come back to this place again one day
I'll be able to see the same sky in the same way
I think I might have thought too much about
Whether or not it could be called beautiful
Go to sleep for a little bit, and tomorrow rush around some more

The steps that I haven't taken forward out of fear
Are accumulating, but some day they'll be long, long steps
Too late, this becomes my road
Sooner or later, for some reason or another, I remembered
That this place isn't so bad
Somehow, I gave myself a reason

The truth is, just once, I pretended that I understood everything
Without understanding it at all

I could never leave
Because there was scenery that I'd gotten used to

Everything is somehow small
The thing that I saw in a small mass
Is the sky that I looked up to, that's too endless
I don't know if it was too vast
I don't know if it came from being at your side

I planned to understand it in my mind
But turning back and looking at someone who
I pass by somewhere, is an enviable thing

It'll probably continue asking for too much forever
That's what I thought when I met you

Everything is in my hands
I can't put my dreams here
Everything is in my hands
I don't need a future that's been decided for me

Everything is in my hands
If I don't move, I'm not immovable
But everything is in my hands
If I don't start things out, then nothing will begin

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