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Chocolat Meilleure & Vanilla Mieux

Romaji Title: Date*Date
Kanji Title: 繝��繝遺�繝��繝
English Title: Date*Date

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yasuno Moyoko
Music : Konishi Yasuharu

This was an ending theme to the anime Sugar Sugar Rune.

That guy looks nice, this guy looks nice
It's hard to choose
That one's no good, this one's no good
I'm jealous
A dress would be good, a ribon would be good
Jeans wouldn't be so good
Give me a kiss, how about tomorrow?
I don't want to go home
Why are boys this much trouble?
I can't go on dates

The road show that we're going on together
Is a love story
And at the restaurant we're going to afterward
We'll be able to romantically
See the stars right away
A terrace on the beach
Yet, it's still a little scary
And naturally, he leaves
Why are girls like this?
I'm sorry

We meet up, and go on dates
From city to city
Swingin' until midnight
In whispered voices, in bed
A little kiss
Which lights in the room should we turn off?
Mama will wake up
Mama will wake up
Mama will wake up

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