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Romaji Title: Senior, Senora, Senorita
Kanji Title: 繧サ繝九Ι繝シ繝ォ縲�繧サ繝九Ι繝シ繝ゥ縲�繧サ繝九Ι繝ェ繝シ繧ソ
English Title: Senior, Senora, Senorita

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Miyavi

When Miyavi sings "good man" in the first verse, he writes out "vampire".

Shall we dance?
1, 2, step...step by step...
What are you hiding senorita? The thing I'm hiding is
1, 2, step...step by step...
That I'm a "good man", dripping lifeblood
1, 2, step...step by step...
If you wish, go ahead and dig your fangs in
1, 2, step...step by step...
Down to the very bone marrow

Ah...with the moon shining down, I softly give you the kiss that I promised you on the nape of your pale neck
But why? Why does some place in my heart ache this much...?

"It's as though I loved you"

1, 2, step...step by step...
Won't you dance with me bonita?, I take my hand
1, 2, step...step by step...
And entwine it around your hips, 1, 2, 3
1, 2, step...step by step...
In the distance that seems to touch my lips, I suddenly
1, 2, step...step by step...
Whisper the words "te amore"

Ah...this flower of passion that has bloomed in my chest is your thorn tightening around my heart
And when I think of you, tears of blood flow.

If this love is one that won't come true, we might as well break it off
Is wishing that something that we can't do?

How good was it that I wasn't myself?
I don't hurt you, even though I can love you...
1, 2, step...step by step
At the first sign of the setting sun, we rendezvous
1, 2, step...step by step
The morning comes again, and we seperate

Ah...I'm a helpless mosquito that can't even get close to you, who I love.
"I want to hold you, but I can't hold you...", that makes me feel like my heart is breaking

Even if my ever changing body dries up
Please, before this love becomes a crime
Let me hold onto the kiss that didn't get to you, and the love story that didn't bear fruit
At least in my dreams, and then wake up

The more I think of you, the closer and farther away we the moon and the sun

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