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Tokyo Jihen

Romaji Title: shuraba
Kanji Title: 菫ョ鄒��エ
English Title: A Battlefield

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Shiina Ringo

Halfway through the short summer night, I'm dizzy with lies
It's miserable to be distrustful

If I were to forget about the sunshine, which I noticed
To the white on my arms...would I be warm without being frozen?
If things continue on like this some more, I don't care

The nature of a snow cap, is catastrophe
Working with a blackened criminal record

I shake, and blame the sunset, and my hopes of that summer
When I look up...the sal trees invite the grey
If things don't continue to prosper like this some more, I won't be upset

If I meet someone, I'm going to reclaim my memories
If I use my throat, you're going to overflow with overflowing

...I don't have the desire to weave any more than this
It would be nice to be able to sleep some more like this
Ah! The nape of your neck is definitely
Transparent in a pure white way, right now

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