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Sukima Switch

Romaji Title: boku note
Kanji Title: 繝懊け繝弱�繝
English Title: My Notebook

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Oohashi Takuya & Tokita Shintarou

This was the theme song to the 2006 Doraemon movie "Doraemon Nobita no Kyouryuu".

If I listen closely, I can faintly hear the sound of rain
I sit here and try to compose my memories, searching for the words

I think about it and write it down, I fumble with it, and it disappears, as always
12 hours pass, and the things that I had all set become trash

I want to tell you, but I can't do it very well
The emotions that I've built up just swell up
I can't manage to spit anything out

Now, the pieces of words inside of me
In my throat, they pierce me sharply
They're not pretty, but little by little, they'll be alright
This pain will take shape

When I was a kid who couldn't continue on, no matter what I did
I was worried about being asked about "being a man"
If I say that I've been given things even though I'm like this
Then I'd like to believe that I've stopped being confused

This place that I'm in is a little confined
But your expression that's full of love overflows with warmth
And then you speak

The prints that struggled underfoot, having been cast aside
And my impatient self, all of that is me
So I do nothing but cry out the feelings that I carry with me
Up ahead of that voice, is you

If you listen closely, you can most certainly hear the sound of me
The sky cries itself out of tears, and the clouds break apart

Now, the pieces of the words that I'm spinning
Are piling up one by one, they'll become a song
They're not pretty, but little by little, they'll be alright
The light shines in

I'll keep singing until I lose my voice
I hope the sadness that rains onto you clears up
I want to show myself to you as I am
The thing that I was searching for, was right before my eyes

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