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Romaji Title: san gatsu kokono ka
Kanji Title: 3月9日
English Title: March 9th

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujimaki Ryouta

This song was featured as an insert song in the drama "1 Litre no Namida".

In the midst of the passing seasons
Suddenly, I feel the length of the day
Amidst the days that pass by busily
You and I draw out our dreams

My feelings ride upon the March wind
Cherry blossom buds continue on toward spring

One ray of the overflowing light
Warms the morning little by little
After letting out a big yawn and stretching
I'm beside you, who is feeling a little shy

I stand at the entrance to a new world
And I'm not the only one who realizes this

When I close my eyes
Just how strong are you?
Beneath my eyelids
I want things to be that way for you

The whirlwind carries with it a cloud of dust
My dirty clothes are all balled up
But the white moon in the afternoon sky
Fascinated me, because it was kind of pretty

Things don't always go well
When I look up to the sky, even all of that seems small

The blue sky is cold and clear
The fluffy clouds quietly roll by
If we can share the happiness of
Waiting for flowers to bloom, that's what happiness is

Along the way, next to you, I quietly smile

When I close my eyes
Just how strong are you
Beneath my eyelids?
I want things to be that way for you

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