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Hamasaki Ayumi

Romaji Title: Ladies Night
Kanji Title: Ladies Night
English Title: Ladies Night

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : ayumi hamasaki
作詞:ayumi hamasaki

I got a call from a girl one day
She looked different than usual
After talking about her boyfriend for an hour
She cried

(AH- AH-)
I'm going to see her now
(Ah- AH-)
It's alright for us to cry together
(AH- AH-)
It's alright if we do that instead of laughing
(AH- AH-)
Anyway, we're going out together

Well, it's our ladies night
Tonight, it's ladies night 'till dawn

This is a common pattern
I'm saying this seriously
But a single glance shared with him is a fight
The real fight is with myself

(AH- AH-)
It doesn't sound like anyone else's business
(AH- AH-)
Even though I know this in my mind
(AH- AH-)
I repeat the same mistakes
(AH- AH-)
In other words, I don't always have a discerning eye

Well, it's another ladies night
Tonight, until the night turns into day, it's ladies night

(AH- AH-)
We're pure
(AH- AH-)
Beautiful and smart

I said it's ladies night
We're gonna party on ladies night

(C'mon) Laugh like you're crying, ladies night
Cry like you're laughing, ladies night

(1 more) Sing like you're screaming, ladies night
Dance like you're crazy, ladies night

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