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Romaji Title: shoudou
Kanji Title: 衝動
English Title: The Urge

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Inaba Koshi
Music : Matsumoto Takahiro

Awake during the long night, in my blue and white room
Suddenly, I want to damage something that's important to me
(The freedom of the darkness)

Standing still in front of the door
I want you to notice me vulnerable

Telling someone that you love them
With your hand atop theirs
Your warmth gives me the urge

Following only after the truth
I tremble everyday
Inside of me, who pretends to be strong
Is completely full of mysteries
(Freedom flares up)

Only this bond, that is like steel
Can make my sunken heart be firm

Whispering "I can change something too"
In casual words
Your voice urges me on to tomorrow

Everyone was born
Holding onto infinite potential, right?

Telling someone that you love them
With your hand atop theirs
My hopes are on the road before my eyes
I'm going to believe that I can go somewhere on it
Everything about you, those are my urges

Go for it, go for it
Love is the urge

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