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Sukima Switch

Romaji Title: kanade
Kanji Title:
English Title: Music Playing

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Oohashi Takuya & Tokita Shintarou

Hand-in-hand before your ticket was checked
The usual background noise, a new wind
I should have seen you off cheerfully
But I looked at you, and couldn't smile very well

The season that you grew up in
Seemed to not overflow with sad songs
I wanted to tell you one final thing
I searched for words to take the place of "goodbye"

The duty of tugging on your hand is my mission
That's what I thought
But now I know, that when it comes to us
Those past days are leading the way

When the season that you grew up in
Lies thick, I change too
If there's a song there
Then we can be linked to one another always, at any time

Suddenly and abruptly, the sound of a bell rings out
I'm in a hurry, our hands detach, and you leave
In a daze, I called out to you, and held you
Where did you go? I'll protect you with my voice

From the day that you appeared before my eyes
Everything seemed closer to me
The morning, lights, tears, and singing voices
You gave me something that shines bright

Memories that I can't control are in my voice
I'll send them out to the city where you are, far away
If there's a song like this one there
Then we can be linked to one another, wherever we try to go

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