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KinKi Kids

Romaji Title: SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!
Kanji Title: SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!
English Title: SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Akimoto Yasushi
Music : Izutsu Hiromasa

Snow! Snow! Snow!
Oh helpless snow
You can't cover
Our love

From the sky, it's as though it's controlled
By invisible wings, until it hits the ground
And in my heart
It quietly piles up

If put into words
Memories can hurt
Just by staring at you
I understand your pain
My love

No matter how many nights pass by
I'll be able to forget that final dream
The whereabouts of sadness
Are deeper than any despair in the world

Unceasing snow! Snow! Snow!
Oh helpless snow
It covers the city up
From what it was yesterday, but...

Pieces of snow dissolve
It's as though they can't go back to being crystals
In the palm of my hand
Freedom remains

In the days that we spent together
Sunbeams overflowed through the leaves
And even though I'm wearing a coat
My memories are frozen
By the cold wind

No matter how many times we kissed
Did we understand it all?
This kind of life is irreplaceable
But I can't get that through to your retreating back

Unceasing snow! Snow! Snow!
Oh helpless snow
You can't cover
Our love

In my heart snow! Snow! Snow!
Tears fall
In the sky that I look up to
Are fleeting miracles

Snow! Snow! Snow!
Tears fall
Our love
Is the future's loneliness

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