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Sparta Locals

Romaji Title: ougon WAVE
Kanji Title: 黄金WAVE
English Title: Golden Wave

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Abe Kousei
Arrangement : SPARTA LOCALS

Coming to a fake curb, I leapt into the street
We were absolutely going to go somewhere - boredom, boredom, boredom!

A glowing boat reveals its meaning
This dull town became our sea

A skyscraper's shadow is hollowed out, a skill of being aloof
This reminds me of a girl- "Ah, Maria, Maria, Maria"
If just the two us go anywhere far away, it's okay
It was a weak thing to think, just now

I don't want to feel guilty about stupid jokes
That's what I thought
I laughed too much, got tired, went to sleep for a bit, and opened my eyes

I'm longing for a wave of gold
The world will be drunk with a sudden shine of romance

Drawing near with madness is a wave of gold
I skip and shout, "It's a wave! It came! Wait for me!"

Hey, does that seem idiotic? Hey, does it look like a lie?
Hey, does that seem idiotic? Hey, does it look like a lie?

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