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Romaji Title: kona yuki
Kanji Title: 粉雪
English Title: Powdered Snow

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Fujimaki Ryouta
Music : Remioromen

This song was featured as an insert song in the drama "1 litre no namida".

We always pass by one another in the season where the powdered snow flutters
Even though I slip away into the crowd, we're looking up at the same sky
We're freezing, as though we were blown on by the same wind

I probably don't know everything about you
Yet out of one hundred million people, I found you
I have no basis for this, but it really is what I think

There are no fights that are trivial
We can't live together at the same time
If we can't be ourselves
Then happiness and sadness are both just lies

Powdered snow, hey, when you colored us white, all the the way to my heart
Could we then understand our loneliness?

Pressing my ear against your heart
I want to go down toward the sound of your voice
Until I get down that deep, let's meet up there again

I want us to understand
I was the one who stroked the surface
Even though we were connected by
Me holding your hand that was numb with the cold

Powdered snow, hey, you, in a way that is too fragile
Turn eternity into a stain on the rough asphalt up ahead

Powdered snow, hey, my unreliable heart wavers
And yet, I want to keep protecting you

Powdered snow, hey, when you colored us white, all the the way to my heart
You envelop our loneliness, and return it back to the sky

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