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Tommy February6

Romaji Title: Lonely in Gorgeous
Kanji Title: Lonely in Gorgeous
English Title: Lonely in Gorgeous

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Tommy february6
作詞:Tommy february6

He drove off at midnight
Kicking the door
I broke my glass shoes
And tore my dress

Hey, I'm amazing right?
Even though I follow you, you don't come to me
My tears overflow, I can't run anymore...

I think this is jealousy...It's pa-in-ful...!!

"Lonely in Gorgeous" Yeah...
Party night...I'm Breaking my heart
I want you to find me and hold me, right now

The headlights are on
...Where are you bad boy?
I wipe away my tears with my scarf of love
I can't see anything

As I'm gathering up stardust
I bump into you
Why do you care?
You only love yourself...

I think my heart is broken...really...?!

"Lonely in Gorgeous" Yeah...
Party time...I feel empty
When you're not here, the world is empty

I want to have a continuation of my dream
"I miss you Bad boy"
Don't shut yourself away amidst the shining
It will break me apart

"Lonely in Gorgeous"
I'm Breaking my heart
Where are you Bad boy?
"Lonely in Party night"

"Lonely in Gorgeous"
I'm Breaking my heart
I miss you Bad boy
"Lonely in Party time"

"Lonely in Gorgeous" Yeah...
Party night...I can't smile
I don't need anything else, just be with me

"Lonely in Gorgeous" yeah...
Party night...
I'm Breaking my heart
Inside of the shining box that you left behind
I hold onto my loneliness, I can't move
I don't need anything else, just be with me
Kneel down and look at me
Promise that you love me

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