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Bump Of Chicken

Romaji Title: Karma
Kanji Title: カルマ
English Title: Karma

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujiwara Motoo

A single glass ball was dropped
Chasing after it, another one dropped
There's just one left over, in one single sunny spot

From the time that our hearts begin to beat
We don't like it, but we take up space
We continue to protect ourselves, so that that isn't taken away from us

Even though I keep my hands clean
They look dirty
Before I go on and doubt my memory, I question it

We're definitely going to meet
I use the sound of our pulses, which are the same, to find my way
I'm right here, I'm always calling out to you
When my worn out reasons heap atop one another, and the pile sways
I'll know the meaning of life

Life continues on as far as it can
It can't be helped that I take up space
Just one single sunny spot
I don't really need there to be two

A single glass ball was dropped
When it fell, they sprung out
Basked in the light of a place that was plundered

I counted the footprints
And before I knew it, there was only that number
The thing that I need to know
Somehow seems to be between 1 and 0

We're going to meet for the first time
I use the banner of our screams, which are the same, to find my way
Don't forget that I'm always calling out to you
When we bury the pile of reasons together
Then a promise will be exchanged between us

A mirror, it reflects so that we can both
Reach out and touch our respective karmas
Dirty hand to dirty hand
Now I know it's form

I'm right here, you're most certainly touching me
We're in this sunny spot, enough for one

Don't forget that I'm always calling out to you
From inside of the same glass ball as you
That's right, we're definitely going to meet
When a cross is built upon my buried reasons
Then my promise will be carried out
We'll become one

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