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Romaji Title: almost in love
Kanji Title: almost in love
English Title: almost in love

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : H.U.B
Music : Daichi & Odawara Hiroshi

The pounding of your heart seems to touch my cheeks
When I gaze at you, love is nearby
Beneath the sky that the snow seems to dance in
Us having met was no prank
I'm just being in love, it seems to begin
Just in love? Little by little...little by little...
Next to you, the pounding of my heart overflows, over and over again
Wrapped in the premonition of love
Even though they're commonplace words, they light a fire
Maybe in love with you

I did some mean things on purpose
But no matter what I said, it melts away like nothing
How many more kisses will we have?
I'm just being in love, I want to hold you
Just in love, forever...forever...
Drawing you toward me without saying anything, the beating of our hearts sound out
I hesitate and quiver so much that
I can hear the sound of time, it's not like me
Almost in love

This radiance is the miracle that you have given to me just now
Our world begins to move
The slight fever that the whisper in the palm of my hand tells me of
Can't be stopped; from here on out, it's only you

Next to you, the pounding of my heart overflows, over and over again
Just stay by my side like this
I don't want you to leave for one second, I love you
I'm in love with you

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