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Kawaguchi Daisuke

Romaji Title: Not Alone (The Two Of Us)
Kanji Title: Not Alone (The Two Of Us)
English Title: Not Alone (The Two Of Us)

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Osanai Mai & Kawaguchi Daisuke
Music : Kawaguchi Daisuke

The night turns to day
I don't think about that
Even though sadness downpours
On us, like stars...

"I've forgotten even about
the place where my dreams were"
I remember the voice
You whispered that in, on that day

You don't need to force your laughter
I just want you to be with me
It's alright if it's with your head hung down
Because I won't let go of your hand

A dream that I can't awaken from
I believed in it
ILet's make sure that we're "a couple"
With a kiss that's longer than usual

You don't need to make yourself new
I just want you at your best
Instead of adding to the numbers of memories we have
Let's look at and touch one another more often

When the night turns to day
It's as though I can laugh and say
"Yeah, we had times like that"
Let's carve in the present, wow...
As we walk together

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