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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: Everything (It's you)
Kanji Title: Everything (It's you)
English Title: Everything (It's you)

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Sakurai Kazutoshi

Since the time I was a boy who knew nothing of the world
I've believed only in myself
But somehow I've lived to be who I am today
With the support of a person who has heart

Whining and voicing my complaints
Seeing other people's pain, and pretending not to

I was too happy, so it was hard to see
The things that were important, so now
I haven't even found the words to sing
I'm pressed for time, I'm at a loss

My love, do you hold onto feelings
That resemble pain, the same as me?

If there's something that I should be protecting, I'll sacrifice anything
For me, right now, I think that something is you

At the end of their journeys
Just what do people who follow their dreams have?
With their hands full of lies and contradictions
Do they realize "this is how people are"?

My love, I want to see you
Even if this isn't love

If I go under, get rid of your old baggage without hesitation
You should open a new door, and move on

If there's something you want, I'll sacrifice anything
If you think that that something is me, do as you like
I'll sacrifice myself anytime
There's only one thing that I should protect
And that's you
It's always you

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