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Romaji Title: utagoe yo okore
Kanji Title: 歌声よおこれ
English Title: Rise Up Singing Voices

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Yamaguchi Takashi

The thing that we wish for from someone now
Is that perhaps we would like them to speak the truth
If we know nothing of love and such
Someone, let us hear an emotional song
Tears flow, above the clouds
I, who am dirty, from this point on
Am going to go and see you

Sound out singing voices, pass through words
Smash up my impure sins
I just want to know about love
And I'm passing through the night, going to see you
End the sadness tonight
Sound out to me singing voices, right now

Even though I should have cast aside my feelings
For some reason, the thing that I remember is myself smiling cunningly
I don't know love as of yet
So rise up and let me hear something that's true
Your silhouette, overflowing with tears
We run away, time is behind us
Urging us on

Sound out singing voices, embrace even the lies
Make our tearfilled yesterday disappear
We sing into the night wind
And passing through the night, we split apart
My voice shakes, for you
Rise up singing voices, into the night

Resisting tears, my profile is lit coldly
My dreams have been smashed
But even so, I go and look for you

Sound out singing voices
Let our sins become prayers, and turn into tomorrow
We sing like this
And morning comes, and we're smiling
Stop the world that sings out sadly
Rise up singing voices, in my heart

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