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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: dakishimetai
Kanji Title: 抱きしめたい
English Title: I Want to Hold You

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Sakurai Kazutoshi

A drizzling and silent night
Just like the one on the day that we met
When I close my eyes, the two of us
Like we were on that day, come to mind

That time when a show window on the streets, overflowing with people
Suddenly caught your eye, and you stumbled
I caught you, and I can even now feel the warmth in my hands
I want to hold you, before my feelings
That feel like they're going to overflow, actually do
Let's walk our dreams in our hearts
Give me the scars on your heart from a love that has ended

This shapeless feeling of the two of us quietly growing up
Like lighting a candle
Even now won't disappear
I won't forget that promise that I lowered my voice
And pinky swore with you, on that shivering night
Don't worry, I've only got eyes for you
If you're so hurt that you want to cry
When you sag your shoulders
Let's go and search for a smile more wonderful than anyone elses
I want to take on everything
Always together

I want to hold you, my feelings for you
That feel like they're going to overflow, fill my heart
We can walk together any time
Shoulder to shoulder, wow wow...
When you're lonely
I'll always be by your side

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