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Dokusatsu Terrorist

Romaji Title: eroguro violence #666
Kanji Title: エログロバイオレンス #666
English Title: Erotic Grotesque Violence #666

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What are ethics, really?
They are meaningless to me.
What are morals, really?
I don't understand them at all.

Don't express yourself sexually.
Don't portray cruelty.
Don't use violent speech.
Don't sing about reality.

Love songs are child's play.
Even today, some hack sings
Songs that are just copied & pasted
The public is made of individuals

Rotting, we seem about the same
A fraudulent gambler that bets on survivors
Can you speak the truth?
Don't be patient, sing clearly!

Penis, pussy
Blind, crippled
Crazy, handicapped
Kill 'em! Rape 'em!

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